Welcome to the Farm!

Welcome to Dirthugger Farm!  Located on 5 beautiful acres of farmland on James Island, SC.  I'm proudly growing unique and heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as hops and ginger. The farm is a for-profit operation growing naturally, one acre at a time.

The plan is to serve local families and chefs with fresh, nutritious food that has been grown using sustainable and natural farming practices.  It's all about soil health and working with nature, rather than against it!  My marketing plan will include a CSA alternative that offers choice as well as convenience. In order to keep my financial obligations down, I intend to build a tiny, energy efficient home on wheels. By living a simple and sustainable lifestyle, I will be free to pursue my dream of growing beautiful produce and serving the community.  I hope that we can all slow down a bit so that we can reconnect with one another, re-build our communities and recover our overall health.

I am proud to continue the tradition of farming in this area and to contribute to our local food systems and local economy. I hope that my experience will encourage other beginning farmers to break ground.    

If you would like to contribute to the farm or the tiny house project, please click on the hand to the right to learn more....and thank you!  I intend to donate a percentage of all financial gifts to Autism Speaks, in honor of my beautiful nephew.


Spring CSA for 2012 is full...please see note below!

Hey All! Thank you for your interest in my tiny CSA! I am a very small farmer and I love the CSA model, but I can only handle 15 individuals and families at a time. This allows me to stay close to my families and customers without getting in over my head. We are organizing a small "Sunday Brunch" farmers market at Medway Park in the Riverland Terrace Neighborhood of James Island. We will be open 11-3 on Sundays, last sunday in April to mid July. Food trucks, farmers and crafts will participate and all items are local! Please come see us there!


If you are interested in volunteering, interested in purchasing a prepaid veggie card or have any questions about the farm please come visit me at Medway Park on sundays!


I am not a big computer person and would rather be digging in the dirt, so I apologize if I have not responded or have been delayed in responding to your emails. I appreciate your contacting me and hope to meet you in person! The contact Meg page will be up again as soon as I catch up, but again, it's planting time so it would be better to find me at market..I'll be too tuckered to respond! 


Thank you for understanding and see you soon!

What a night! The South Carolina Broadcasters play under the huge orange perigree moon rising over the water, while good people talk around a glowing bonfire! Beautiful!

So much fun! imagine a group of giggling children running through the freshly disced field with brightly colored beach buckets full of a biodynamic compost mixture. It was a compost slinging, soil energizing good time with kids and adults alike celebrating the soil, celebrating friendship and anticipating the promise of a brand new season! We ran around at sunset to...

Nothing like throwing a party last minute! A first gathering of new friends, old friends and family to sign up for the CSA and to get a first glimpse of the land. There was compost slinging, music, drinking, snacking and enjoying the evening. The first day of spring and the rising of a super moon...sounds like a great night to celebrate the launch of Dirthugger Farm...